Quartz UX Design Internship

I spent the summer working for the products team at Quartz. One of my main projects while I was there was to implement usability research for Atlas, their chart building platform. Based on my insights I presented a series of re design ideas to help improve the experience for users, and these were implemented by the design team. You can check out my deliverables here.

React App + NYC Media Lab

I am part of a small team developing the React App. This is a second screen app that will allow users to watch live online broadcasts and react to what they are seeing through emojis. The users will also be able to see a real time data viz of all aggregated reactions. React started as a project for one of our classes, but we participated in the Verizon + NYC Media Lab “Connected Futures Research and Prototyping Challenge” and were awarded funding and mentoring to carry out the project. As part of this team I work developing the UX and UI. The project is not finished yet, but I will be uploading our design documents UX research, prototypes and testing results here

NYC Values

I was part of the design and coding team for NYC Values, an interactive multimedia project developed for one of my classes. The project now is one of the finalists for the 2016 Online Journalism Awards by the Online News Association. For this project I worked on the entire design process, from ideation to prototyping, testing and creating the style guides, and in the coding of the final product.

Sisterhood Chrome Extension

I made this google chrome extension for my friends! Install it on your chrome browser, and every time you open a new tab you will receive an entry from Wikipedia about and amazing woman you should know about. For the coding I used Wikipedia´s API.

You can check out the code here, or dowload the actual extension here.

News Literacy 2016

For this class project we researched everything that is changing in the media landscape and created a platform that works as a crash course on everything you need to know about media in 2016. Check out the final product!

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Designing a Manifest for the XXI Century

As a member of Design for America NYU (my university’s Design Thinking Club) I reached out to the Media Lab at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and organized a project between both organizations, for which I am now project leader. My team is using a Human Centered Design process to ideate a platform that will help the Met better communicate and engage with its general public.The project is still in process, but I will be uploading our design documents, UX research, prototypes and testing results here